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Good afternoon guys! How are you doing? I just got home after a museum visit with Sam. First we went out for lunch and afterwards we visited Van Gogh museum. Pretty interesting! Now I’m about to clean the house, it’s definitely needed.

In these pictures I’m wearing an entire River Island outfit via Fall is here and it’s getting colder every day. I’m slowly but surely changing my entire wardrobe. That’s why I used to get ready for the new season.

When I decide what to wear, the most important thing is that I feel confident & comfortable. I love combining basic pieces. A comfy knit dress is one of those autumn basics you can combine in so many different ways.

Knit dress, thigh high boots & bag – River Island via


I can already tell you.. A lot of thigh high boots. Haha! Hey sweet people! Can you believe it’s already November? Wow, Christmas is around the corner hehe. I just woke up and I’m now watching the news with a cup of coffee. I’ve been sharing my outfits on Instagram but not on here lately, so that’s why I thought it was time again for a little recap :) I really like autumn and all of the canals and trees look even more beautiful as all the leaves are changing. Anyway, here are my latest looks. Do you have a favorite?

IG2^ Skirt and tee – Zara // Jacket – Tigha // Thigh boots  – Loavies
IG1^ A complete River Island outfit – I’ll blog this outfit later!
IG5^ Sweater – Zara // Jeans – Tigha // Bag – All SaintsIG6^ Jacket – Loavies // Sweater – Zara // Jeans – TighaIG3^ Tee – Pull & Bear // Jeans – Zalando // Necklace – Take What You Need // Shoes – Steve Madden
IG4^ Vest and skirt – Zara // Tee – from Sam // Thigh high boots – Loavies


M!1 M!2 M3!

Happy Saturday! What are you up to? I just took a shower and I’m doing my make up now. Today I’m going to shoot outfit pictures (it’s so beautiful out here now, I looove fall), have coffee with a friend and go to my sisters place to have dinner with her & my nephew.

The pictures of todays post were taken in the old town of.. Cannes! Some people already guessed it, during my Steve Madden trip I was in Cannes. How fun! It was my first time in the South of France and we stayed there from the 4th of October till the 6th. Just enough time to explore the city. I especially loved the board walk, the beautiful beach and the cozy shopping streets.

Cardigan – H&M // shorts and shirt – Zara // Shoes – Steve Madden



Hey guys! Good morning! While I’m sitting on my couch and drinking my morning coffee, there are people in our appartement busy with rebuilding and stuff. Everything is slowly coming together now and will share some pictures soon on here!
Today I wanted to talk about skin care. I’ve received these Paula’s Choice products a little while ago to try them out and I really like them. I’ve always suffered from skin issues every once in a while (blackheads, enlarged pores, spots) but after taking good care of my skin, it now feels and looks better. I now cleanse my skin every night and every morning (okay some Saturday nights I ‘forget’.. but I really try to do it as much possible) and I can really see a difference. My favorite products are the Clear Cleanser which removes make up & impurities and the Skin Perfecting 2% bha liquid which really smooths my skin. Whenever I sleep at someone else’s place, okay mostly my moms or sisters place, I alway take these 2 products with me. Xxx


Steve Madden Steve Madden3
Steve Madden4Steve MAdden2

Hey from Disneylaaand! We arrived this morning and spent the afternoon in the park. Now I’m pretty tired and ready to sleep. Just wanted to share this post before I go to bed since you can win some very cool prizes. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve may seen some photos of my surprise trip of last week. Steve Madden sent me to a secret location & beforehand I received a couple of hints. Some of them were: ‘Do you wanna party? Be the most glamorous version of yourself and maybe you end up on a yacht. I heard Leonardo has one in this secret location..’ and another one was: ‘Just sit down, relax and enjoy the beautiful view across the sea feeling like a true movie star. Because you can!’ Sooo do you have an idea where I’ve been? Join the hunt and you may win a city trip yourself!! Once the campaign is over I will share more photos because this was such a great place! :-) Xxx



A soft slouchy bag, suede booties and an autumnal dress. I love the transition from summer to autumn, when you can wear outfits like this, yet still have bare legs. Probably not for long though.. winter is almost here but then there will be other things that I love. (Layers, hot chocolate, cozy sweaters and so on).

It’s Saturday night and I’m packing my stuff since I’m leaving for Disney later tonight. Sam is coming as well and we’re going together with my family. I’m so excited! Can’t wait to see the look on the faces of my nephews & niece when they will enter Disney or see one of the Disney charachters. The last time I went to Disneyland in Paris I was 5 years old or something and the only thing I remember is ‘meeting’ Mickey Mouse hehe.. So fun. Gotta go now, need to leave in about one hour! Talk later babes. Xx

Dress – Zara // Bag – All Saints // Boots – Urban Outfitters // Watch – Cluse