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Morning from Morocco! Yesterday evening we arrived here in Marrakech and the driver picked us up at the airport. He took us to the the villa, which is ah-ma-zing, but more about that later. Once we arrived in our room, we unpacked our suitcases and  freshened up a bit. Around 8.30 PM we all gathered in the living room, met each other (we’re here with 7 bloggers + friends) and had some dinner and drinks. The Steve Madden team told us about the brand, we saw the spring/summer collection and afterwards they spoiled us with even more shoes. We sat together outside, talked a bit and went to bed around 1.30 AM. I’m going to take a shower now, I think we’re going into town today. Will take my camera with me so that my next post isn’t all iPhone pics like this post hehe. Have a great weekend babes! X


17076592_225611124573524_1301719723158798336_n Steve-Madden4 Steve-Madden3Is it the 3rd of March already? Here are some of this month’s plans!

Travel: this afternoon I’ll be traveling to Marrakesh. Steve Madden invited a couple of bloggers and we’re going on a girls trip! I’m taking Lise with me and we’re both preeetttty excited. Never been to Morocco, but since it’s an Arabic country it does feel a bit familiar some way. When I tell people I’m going to Marrakesh, most of them tell me it’s really nice, the food is amazing, but that I should be careful (for pickpockets or scams etc.).

Blog: I want to spend more time on my blog. Now that the grey, rainy winter days are over *knock on wood*, I can get back to taking outfit pictures on the streets while it’s sunny. I love spring fashion, so hurry up warm weather!

YouTube: yes YouTube, that’s a new category. I want to start making weekly vlogs! I’m doubting between Dutch and English vlogs though. Personally, dutch would be easier but I have more international followers than Dutch followers, so it would be more logic to do it in English. Decisions decisions.. Any opinions? Please help me out! :-)

Hair: I went to the hairdresser yesterday to go a bit darker! In my next blog post you will see how it turned out.

Family: the best of all.. this month my sister is expecting her second baby. I can’t wait to meet my new little nephew! Come already! (But please after my Marrakesh trip, otherwise I can’t rush to see you!) ♥

Some spring items:


StephsaRiver1StephsaRiver3 StephsaRiver2
StephsaRiverIsland3 StephsaRiverIsland1 StephsaRiverIsland StephsaRiverIsland4
Hello from an early bird! Woke up at 6.30 today and not because of my alarm, just couldn’t sleep anymore. I went out of bed, took a shower and now I’m writing this post with a towel on my head, hehe. Hope you had a great weekend babes!
Today I’m sharing 2 looks where I’m wearing the new River Island Studio collection. The theme is called Concrete Jungle and is all about femininity, botanical embroidery and sophisticated pieces. Since Amsterdam is not your typical jungle, I found a little magical garden to shoot some photos. On the first couple of pictures I’m wearing an outfit which is all black, just the way I like it! I really like the sandals, they are a real eye catcher. The open back makes this look a bit more playful (just a bit too cold for now though). The second outfit, which Sam and I shot in a botanical garden, is perfect for upcoming month. Not too warm, not too cold. Pretty simple yet feminine and I love the details of my jacket! Which one do you like more?! XX

Both outfits from River Island


Blog2 Blog1

Just some photos we took with my phone the other day!

I’m having breakfast right now and I’m excited for the weekend. I have a busy one planned. My weekend will be Tuesday & Wednesday this week hehe.. No, in all seriousness, it’s going to be a busy weekend but filled with fun things. After breakfast I’m going to have a huge cleaning session (boring but I can’t avoid it anymore :p), my brother & his family will come over for brunch, then Lise will visit me and we’ll shoot 2 different outfits for Monday’s blog post. Afterwards we’re going to the city to do some shopping for Marrakesh, hope it doesn’t rain. Tonight we’ll either go to the cinema or chill on the couch like 2 grannies.. Tomorrow’s planning is a bit more chill. Lise and I will go out for breakfast probably and in the afternoon I’m going to take pictures with Sam. This week I’ll publish a blog post every other day :-) I missed blogging so I’m excited to do this!

Jacket – All Saints (similar)
Jeans – Forever 21
Jumper – Zara (similar)
Shoes – Lulu’s


Hey guys! Happy Wednesday! How have you been doing? Hope everything is well. It has been a while since I posted a blog post, so this one was long overdue. Here are some of my latest outfits:
^ In collaboration with Stradivarius, Sam and I wore 2 total Stradivarius looks last week. Sam doesn’t really like standing in front of the camera, but he was excited about this project so I really liked that! Lise shot this photo in the red light district. We first thought of taking a photo stand with us, but Lise was around and helped us out! Dream team! :)

^ Another typical Amsterdam picture. This time wearing a Brandy Melville jumper + cap and black flared jeans from Esprit.

^ Last week while Lise was sleeping over at our place, I took her to Corner Bakery. I went here a few times before and  insisted that she should try out the milkshakes. The milkshakes over there are delicious! (and all of the food actually, you can’t go wrong with fruit + pancakes right? Mmmh)
^Last Wednesday before Sam and I went to the city. I was wearing a Zara coat + jumper, Loavies bag and River Island jeans.

^ Vanille latte to go! Not sure if it’s a good or bad thing there’s a coffee place opposite of my house.. Hehe.
^ This afternoon we went to Mediamarkt (not sure how to describe this store in English, a technology shop I guess?) to buy a new tooth brush. Not that exciting, but afterwards we walked pass this cute lunch place and decided to order some food. We actually sat here a few hours, enjoyed the food and the SUN!

^ Yesterday I was wearing The Kindreds boots, Brandy Melville jacket, Zara jumper and River Island jeans. The boots remind me a bit of my next trip, Marrakech! Eeek, so excited to visit Morocco. Tips are welcome!! :-)


14597375_1528122297214956_4623071985319018496_n 14561902_1384203404983486_1921510618100137984_n (1) Dubai2 14566526_321680244891772_7182232676751900672_n 15056763_1245272985534653_8358707949513736192_n dubaii 15802174_2190313761194607_6080586454524755968_n 15043706_1845053809061983_1812555565612662784_n Dubai3

Happy Sunday! I’m at my moms house and just played with my niece and nephews. They’re now watching youtube movies so I’m chilling on the couch. While Sam and I were looking for tickets for our next Dubai trip a few days ago (more about this later) I thought to myself that I didn’t post my Dubai pics on here yet. Only on Instagram!?!?! Anyway.. We went here in the beginning of November, just before we visited Bali. Sams brother moved to Dubai last year so we wanted to visit him. I heard a lot of stories about Dubai but it’s even more fun than I thought! The skyscrapers, restaurants, malls, beaches.. so cool and pretty. It reminded me of the States somehow. Anyway, we’re planning to go back here in May and I’m already excited. How was your weekend by the way? I’m getting ready for a new week, writing down my to do list for tomorrow. A Sunday well spent brings a week of content, right?! Hehe.. Good night guys! XX