18512778_475568342785665_605268502412001280_n (1)18580015_491707157887464_2588596245501050880_n (1)18646640_528348754222092_5622750225035689984_n18513669_206622836523283_5467847956012990464_n18646498_912601035547141_3636209550056488960_n (1)All photos taken in Ibiza, I miss it!

Happy Wednesday girlies! Okay, yesterday I wrote on here about my plan to take pictures of today, but.. that wasn’t a good plan after all. It was a very bad plan actually. The weather has been dark and grey all day and my outfit consisted of a big black sweater, black ripped jeans and black biker boots. I’d rather show some photos of Ibiza for a more joyful vibe :-))
Talking about Ibiza, my next trip is already in 4 days! I’m visiting Turkey for a few days. I’m going on a balloon flight while the sun rises and I’m visiting Antalya. Never been here before and not sure what to expect, but we’ll see! I’ll post an update soon. Enjoy your night! XX



  1. Lesly Ann 8 June 2017 / 11:46

    I need to go to Ibiza one day! Lovely photos!

  2. Laura P 8 June 2017 / 15:55

    Holiday vibes! Totally obsessed xxxx

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