Yesterday Sam and I visited Amante Beach Club for some lunch & drinks. Even though it isn’t high season here in Ibiza yet, it was really busy. We actually had to wait 45 min for a table but because we were pretty hungry we decided to have lunch at the bar. We weren’t complaining at all though because the view was so beautiful :-) After our lunch we went downstairs, sat on the fat boys and had drinks. I think this place is one of my fave spots here on the island.. Will show you more pictures of some of my tips/our stay later! Have a lot to show you! Enjoy your Saturday night babes. Xxx



Hi there! Here are pictures from Wednesday, Sam & I hiked to Atlantis. We heard from a couple of locals that this place is a must-visit so off we went! I can’t tell you exactly what Atlantis is, because there are a lot of mythes.. The one I heard is that it was used as a fortress by pirates in the 16th century, thence the huge stones. A friend of us who lives on the island gave us the directions. Luckily for us the directions were pretty clear, because there are no signs or whatsoever to Atlantis (I don’t even think it exists on Google Maps?) Once we finally parked the car, put on our trainers and started the hike. It’s about 30 min down hill over the rocks. Once we finally arrived there, we wanted to jump in the ocean so badly but I lost count counting the jelly fish so that says enough haha.. We bought lunch with us so we ate that while we laid there. After exploring, tanning and lunching we headed back. The hike back to our car was pretty rough but it was definitely worth it! Now I’m about to get ready since we’re going into Ibiza town. KISS!


SE SnapAF Snap2

Good morning from Ibiza! Here’s yesterday’s mobile diary. Yesterday morning Sam & I flew to Eivissa. After we arrived, we picked up a rental car, checked in our hotel and went to the harbor to have lunch there. The view was really beautiful! After our lunch we returned back to our hotel, dove into the pool and laid on the tanning beds. The hotel I’m staying at (Ibiza Gran Hotel) is so pretty and relaxing, will show more pictures later. Oh, and in between all of this we visited the dentist because Sams tooth broke. We have been to a dentist or hospital almost every time we’re on holiday, so yesterday morning we were talking/laughing about that & two hours later we were googling a dentist here on the island. Typical haha! Okay not funny but luckily it’s all fixed now. Today we are going to the beach but first it’s time for breakfast. The breakfast here is so good, I can remember it from last year. Gotta go now, I will check in later! Hugs, S.



Yesterday I turned 23 years old! Didn’t celebrate it like a crazy party animal though hehe. Had a pretty quiet afternoon -boy, it was Friday the 13th and I could definitely feel it- but in the evening I went out for dinner with my family and that was really nice. Afterwards I spontaneously met up with some of my friends and we had drinks in Arnhem city. Around 12 AM we all were a bit tired, so went back home and that was about it :-) I think I’m still going to celebrate it later with friends but we will see about that. Now I’m going to pack my bags, clean our house, download music etc etc. Ibiza soon and I couldn’t be more exciteeedd! By the way, I really like the illustration my friend Char designed! So cool and talented! Bye babes xxx


L2 LDress and sandals – Lulus | Sunglasses – Gentle Monster

Here are some pictures taken on Saturday. This is a typical summer outfit that takes about 2 minutes to put together. A loose dress and comfortable sandals are good summer basics. :)
At this moment I’m organizing my birthday party, since I’m turning 23 on Friday. Friday the 13th! Okay not really organizing, more ‘thinking of’ hehe.. I never really celebrate my birthday with friends but I feel like I want to do something this year! Trying to think of some fun ideas. Maybe a nice dinner at my place and party afterwards? Mhh don’t know. Tell me how you celebrate your birthday or if you have any cool ideas! Enjoy today! X

Sunny Sunday

EWWA;daSUMSome mobile snaps of today!

Sorry for the bad updates babe! The weather has been great the last couple of days and I’m kind of living outside lately hehe. Really enjoying the weather, plus, it has been super hot in our apartment so sitting behind the computer in my living room isn’t that appealing to me :p
This morning I started with a little photo shoot for one of my friends. She needed a model for her school project so I helped her a bit. I really liked doing it! The theme was ‘exclusive party’ so there I stood wearing a glitter party dress, surrounded by white balloons and drinking champagne (okay it was apple juice but let’s pretend it was expensive champagne ;p). Afterwards I sailed through the canals with friends, listening to nice music and enjoying the sun! Now I’m listening to a JLO album (from back in 2002) and I’m waiting for Sam to get home. Good night to you all! Hugs xxx