IMG_0820taarttaart2Yesterday I turned 24! Which you can obviously see, hello big balloons! :) In the morning I slept a bit in, had breakfast together with Sam and then we visited a party store nearby. We bought these big helium balloons, which looked super weird on the scooter hehe.. Can you imagine a scooter + 2 people + 6 big balloons?! Haha! In the afternoon my family came for a visit. My cousins played around, we drank coffee and had a good time. We ate this delicious cake which Sam surprised me with. He arranged it with Zina’s Bakery, so sweet! The bottom layer was filled with red velvet & oreo frosting and the top was made of chocolate & nutella frosting. So delicious! In the evening my friends come over, we had dinner together and we went partying in the city afterwards. We had a little sleepover at our place so my birthday actually ended this afternoon, when we woke up and had lunch outside in the sun. Now I’m done with cleaning the house and will go to bed soon. Good night sweets X



  1. Lesly Ann 15 May 2017 / 05:06

    Happy Birthday Steph!!!

  2. Erika 16 May 2017 / 14:28

    Wow what a lovely cake! Happy 24th Birthday you beauty! :) <3 Xx

    Btw did you get my e-mail? I sent it to you almost 4 weeks ago. Of course it's okay if you are just busy and you don't have a time write back right now, I just wanted to ask :) (I'm the one who told you in comments that I'm going to move to Netherlands and I asked you can I send you e-mail or something like that and you said yes :))

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