Hey guys!! How are you? Hope you are doing well. At the moment I’m sitting on the train on my way to Paris. Haven’t updated my blog in a really long time, so now is the perfect time! Last week I went to Barcelona, together with Sophie. Unfortunately my phone was stolen, so all I have are these Instagram photos. Nevertheless, I wanted to share them on my blog. So here is a little diary:IMG_0849 IMG_0848 IMG_0853
On the first day, we explored a bit. We stayed in a hotel in the neighborhood called Eixample. It was nice, but next time I would stay somewhere closer to the beach. We also had lunch at Brunch & Cake – it looked super pretty and it tasted quite good, but we had to wait really long.. At night we went to this place called El National and we had delicious tapas! If you’re visiting Barcelona soon, I really recommend this place for dinner.
On the second day, we rented a bicycle and biked to the beach. I loved it here! The perfect spot to chill and relax. Later that day we walked into town, saw Arc The Triomf and took some photos over there like real tourists. Then, we both craved a frappuccino, so we went to Starbucks (again, like real tourists). We sat down at a table, I plugged my phone in a wireless charger in my bag and went to the toilet while Sooph sat at our table. When I came back, my charger was unplugged and that’s when I knew, my phone was gone. Mehh! So we spend the rest of our day at the police station. FUN! But luckily, the day before, I uploaded all of my photos to my laptop, so I only lost a couple of photos. During the night we had dinner at the beach, I can’t remember the name of the place but we just had some Spanish food.
IMG_0852 IMG_0854
On the last day we started our day with coffee at a cute Parisian looking restaurant. We walked through the Ramblas and after that we met up with a friend for lunch. She took us to the Greenspot, this place is a vegan restaurant. I order black pizza and it was really good! I also really liked the atmosphere here. Now it’s time to put my laptop away, speak to you soon! Xxx


Revolve2 Revolve3 Revolve1A cloudy in Formentera but still a beautiful one <3

Hey guys! Haven’t blogged in a little while but it feels so good to be back here again :-) I’ve been back home for a little while now but still wanted to post these photos. Formentera looks like paradise, I seriously think it has the most beautiful beaches in Europe! When Sam and I were in Formentera it was super cloudy in the morning (when we took these pics) but in the afternoon the sun came through and it became a beautiful, tropical day. Tomorrow I will take photos through the day so I’ll be back here in 24 hours, with a little diary. Talk to you then! X

Dress – Revolve // Bag – Hunkemoller (similar) // Sunglasses – Kapten & Son


StephsaHunkemoller4 StephsaHunkemoller2 HunkemollerStephsa9 HunkemollerStephsa5 HunkemollerStephsa10 StephsaHunkemoller6 HunkemollerStephsa11 StephsaHunkemoller002 HunkemollerStephsa1 StephsaHunkemoller001It’s almost June and summer is finally here. While time flew by, longing for summer, I looked up sunny destinations to travel to. My first thought was Ibiza – it’s not just a party island, it’s really beautiful. Warm weather, sandy beaches, turquoise waters, delicious food.. I love it there. Sam and I booked our tickets, went there last week and enjoyed this Spanish island to the fullest. Even though we just came back, when I see the pictures we shot over there, I get so happy.

On all of the photos I’m wearing Hunkemöller. On the first picture I’m wearing a Hunkemöller tunic, which is one of my favorite items of the collection. Easy to put on and take off. Perfect for a day at the beach! Or in my case, a day at the edge of a cliff, haha. Let’s talk about summer essentials. I think mine are pretty swimwear, beachy dresses, a good pair of sunglasses, espadrilles (good for a day at the sea or an evening in the city) and a beach towel that’s big enough for 2. What are yours? And do you have nice summer plans? Let me know in the comments and we’ll talk there. ♥

Beachwear all from Hunkemöller.


Ola from the balcony! While I’m still a bit waking up, I thought I’d write a little update of day 2 in Ibiza:day2-1
After having breakfast at our hotel, we drove to Es Cavalet. Up until a month ago I’ve never heard of this beach, which is kind of weird since Sam and I have been in Ibiza 6 times before. Anyway, I really liked it. The beach was so nice, it was kind of quite and the water temperature was good as well. day3-4
After laying in the sun for 2 hours, we drove to La Escollera to have lunch. We’ve been here 1 time before and we both really enjoyed it then. I was so happy to be back, the food was delicious and that view – so pretty!!day2-3
We went back to the beach after our lunch. Sam slept a bit and I just layed there listening to music :-) I can and will never sleep at the beach! Haha, I wish I could but the only place I can sleep is in a bed ;p.day2Around 6PM we were back at the hotel, took a shower and dressed up. I ordered sangria but clumsy as I am… 2 seconds after this photo I let it slip out of my hands. Of courseeeee.
We ended the day at our friends who live on the island. We had a BBQ and enjoyed the sunset. Now I’m about to get ready for a new day, it’s already warm and I love it. Bye babes! X


IMG_0820taarttaart2Yesterday I turned 24! Which you can obviously see, hello big balloons! :) In the morning I slept a bit in, had breakfast together with Sam and then we visited a party store nearby. We bought these big helium balloons, which looked super weird on the scooter hehe.. Can you imagine a scooter + 2 people + 6 big balloons?! Haha! In the afternoon my family came for a visit. My cousins played around, we drank coffee and had a good time. We ate this delicious cake which Sam surprised me with. He arranged it with Zina’s Bakery, so sweet! The bottom layer was filled with red velvet & oreo frosting and the top was made of chocolate & nutella frosting. So delicious! In the evening my friends come over, we had dinner together and we went partying in the city afterwards. We had a little sleepover at our place so my birthday actually ended this afternoon, when we woke up and had lunch outside in the sun. Now I’m done with cleaning the house and will go to bed soon. Good night sweets X

23 turning 24

Hey guys! Tomorrow is my birthday!! So I thought there is no better timing than now to write a recep of the past year. Here we go:
13 May 2016, I turned 23! We still lived in Arnhem and this photo was taken on the roof terrace of Sams parents. Sam gave me this balloon as a surprise, so cute.
F3 DANCIn the end of May we went to Ibiza! We stayed at Ibiza Gran hotel, which was so nice! Wad great weather and ate lots of Spanish food. It was a total chill-holiday. The only thing is.. the waters were filled with jelly fish. Literally every beach we went to. So I didn’t swim at all & Sam only once, for like 5 minutes. Anyway! I looove Ibiza and we will actually go there this Tuesday again!
JA Stephsa-Blog
In June I graduated as a fashion stylist! Funny thing is, this was actually my 3rd school. I tried 2 other universities before I studied at Vogue Academy. I’m really happy I got my degree but I’m not pursuing a career in the styling world. After graduation, I wanted to focus on my blog and social media instead. Best decision ever :-) This month we also moved from Arnhem back to Amsterdam!
Rooftop1 HH3 HH2
This was in July. A photo of my roof terrace back then, overlooking the city. This was also the first time I went to my current hairdresser. My hair was so light, I was so happy with it! Maybe I’ll go lighter again soon. Perfect for summer.Stephsa Ins5 Ins3
Pictures of August. Amsterdam during summer time is really the best. The canals are filled with boats. Parks are filled with people, enjoying the sun, kids are playing, BBQing, etc. People are happy. It’s light until 10 PM. Lots of music festivals. The terraces of cafes are filled with people as well. So cozy and enjoyable.
Bloh9 Blogg Sfr (1) Sch
In September Sam and I moved to another apartment. So weird to see that picture hehe, it was so empty back then! We still live here and I plan to live here for a couple of more years. Until it’s time to buy a house, this is perfect for us! I also went a music festival, called Volt. My friends and I go there every year! It became a tradition. And we also went to France together with Sams family to visit Sams grandfather. He turned 90.
M!1 M! Steve MAdden2
In October we went to Cannes! This was a surprise city trip, organized by Steve Madden. I had no idea Cannes is so much fun! Lots of cool shops, cozy streets, big harbor, nice weather. Fun fact: the photo with my knee high boots is my most liked photo on Instagram. Poor quality though?
bali11 14624557_1348556448522387_8984527050098343936_n 15035729_1751922055132828_4414735993807044608_n Gili
In November we went to Dubai and Bali <3 Both places are so beautiful, so different by the way, but both beautiful. Sams brother moved to Dubai last year so we had to visit him and see Dubai! Of course, in Bali, we had to explore the island like typical Dutchies – on a bicycle.
15259015_898090466992045_1811928732315680768_n Stephsa10Back home in December. I remember coming back from Bali and the first day we were here again, it was so freaking cold. Haha, I still don’t know if it was because we were used to 35 degrees or if it was really super cold that day. Anyway, in December we celebrated Christmas, my sisters birthday and NYE.
16228958_613214225537761_2899922099617398784_n 4DEA5A8C-D236-4280-AD7E-D4D7C57E5544 16110888_1237836112960479_7545900507030618112_n|
January. Paris with my love <3. Seriously, Paris is the city of love and the city of amazing places to take photos! :-)
StephsaRiver1 StephsaRiverIsland3 16584051_265954130507458_2860096714717528064_n
February in Amsterdam. Sam and I had our first campaign, together! This was for Stradivarius. My best friend Lise took the pictures. Other than that, it was a quite but good month.
IMG_5504Marrakesh1 Stephsa Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
A weekend in Marrakesh in March. I went together with Lise. My first blogger trip and I met many amazing girlies. I’m planning my next trip with Simone, so excited to see her again (and learn German curse words hehe).
8D6536BF-5E15-4631-8A6B-20FE2DCE094D F15C3B11-7400-47D3-A159-EE4E0E144EB4 E9AB1BDC-CB2C-49A9-9A90-354915A7D6FB
April. Sam and I were invited to visit Mallorca. No, let me rephrase, not to visit Mallorca but to visit Astoria Playa, a hotel in Mallorca. Mallorca has really beautiful nature, but personally I think that everything is quite far away. We ended up 3 hours a day in the car. Maybe that’s because we wanted to visit 2-3 locations a day, but still.. Really liked the island though!
May. This Month. I was in Jerusalem last week, visiting my dad & my family. My dad lives there but he usually comes to Amsterdam to see us. This time we flew to him! I was born in Jerusalem and lived there until I was 4. Then my mom, sister, brother and I moved back to The Netherlands. (My mom is Dutch). The last time I was in Jerusalem for a holiday, was about 15 years ago. I was so excited to see all of my family again this time! By the way, Jerusalem is so beautiful! I mean, these mountains?! So. pretty. Hope you liked this kind of post, I’ll be sure to write a blog post Sunday again. See you then my loves! X