Hey guys! Last week I’ve visited Sams grandfather for his 90th birthday in France. He lives somewhere in the middle of France and we celebrated his birthday with the whole family! Here are some snaps I’ve took over the last couple of days: Sch
^ Our trip started with a delayed plane (no big deal, just 3 hours). We woke up at 5 AM, rushed to the airport and once we arrived & discovered that our flight was delayed we were like: okaaay let’s eat some breakfast and chill for the rest of the morning. IG4
^ On our way to the gate, ready to go! Jacket from Loavies and suitscase from Suitsuit.
^ Snapchat picture in the air IG8
^ Strolling around Bordeaux city. We were searching for a place to eat and came across a lot of bleu, purple and cool doors. I was wearing a t-shirt dress from Urban Outfitters.
^ Snapchats of Sarlat town.. We had lunch at the restaurant on the left. So cozy!
Sfr (1)
^ Before going out for dinner together with my sister from another mister. This is Sams brothers girlfriend Geraldine.
^ On the last day we visited a lake in Bordeux, before we were heading out to the airport. We were there for a couple of hours, took a quick swim and ate at a food truck near the beach.
An outfit I wore when visiting Sarlat town. Another blue door hehe.. Details are: mesh t-shirt from Urban Outfitters, skirt from Pretty Little Thing, belt from Lulus and shoes from Sacha. Kiss!


Hi there! A couple of weeks ago Sam and I visited Ibiza. I really loved our stay – the turquoise waters, beautiful sunsets, pretty beaches, the feeling.. I love watching travel videos so we decided to give it a try ourselves. Let me know what you think! :)

Hee daar! Een paar weken geleden waren Sam en ik op vakantie in Ibiza. Ik vond het zo’n leuke trip – de turquoise zee, mooie zonsondergangen, heerlijke stranden, de sfeer.. Aangezien ik zelf graag naar reis video’s kijk, besloten we het zelfs ook eens een keer te proberen. Ben benieuwd wat je van deze video vind! :) 


Hey guys! Today I am sharing some pictures of the hotel Sam and I stayed at last week in Ibiza. We slept in Ibiza Gran Hotel and had the best time – I’m missing it already. I took a lot of pictures so get ready for a BIG post haha!
^ Okay so firstly, let me talk about the delicious breakfast. One of the reasons I really loved our stay was the a-ma-zing breakfast. Fresh fruit, freshly-squeezed juices, chocolate fondue, the best pancakes, eggs prepared in front of you etc etc.. My breakfast mostly consisted of pancakes & fruit and Sam loved having omelette and salmon most of the time.

IGH21IGH19IGH24^ This is what our room + balcony looked like, very spacious and pretty! I especially loved our whirlpool bath, I took a bath almost every night. All of the suites contain original artwork and face the pool and/or the old town of Ibiza. Our view was pretty cool, we could see the sunrise every morning :-)
IGH16 IGH23^ The two pools of Ibiza Gran Hotel. The model you see on the last picture, shows clothing of the boutique in the hotel. Every morning a beautiful model walks past you and rocks the nicest holiday outfits.

IGHH^ Getting my nails done at the beauty salon. I choose for a pink/nude color from OPI which stayed the whole trip.
^ On Wednesday night we had dinner at La Gaia (located in the hotel). We had a tasting menu which consisted of 14 little courses of japeruvian yumminess! Have you ever heard of japeruvian cuisine? These are flavours and ingredients from Japan and Peru combined.
^ We left last Friday and I took a quick snap in front of the entrance with my new Suit Suit suitcases. Hope to be back soon, I really had the best time! You can check out the website of Ibiza Gran Hotel here. Update later, kisses!! X



Yesterday Sam and I visited Amante Beach Club for some lunch & drinks. Even though it isn’t high season here in Ibiza yet, it was really busy. We actually had to wait 45 min for a table but because we were pretty hungry we decided to have lunch at the bar. We weren’t complaining at all though because the view was so beautiful :-) After our lunch we went downstairs, sat on the fat boys and had drinks. I think this place is one of my fave spots here on the island.. Will show you more pictures of some of my tips/our stay later! Have a lot to show you! Enjoy your Saturday night babes. Xxx



Hi there! Here are pictures from Wednesday, Sam & I hiked to Atlantis. We heard from a couple of locals that this place is a must-visit so off we went! I can’t tell you exactly what Atlantis is, because there are a lot of mythes.. The one I heard is that it was used as a fortress by pirates in the 16th century, thence the huge stones. A friend of us who lives on the island gave us the directions. Luckily for us the directions were pretty clear, because there are no signs or whatsoever to Atlantis (I don’t even think it exists on Google Maps?) Once we finally parked the car, put on our trainers and started the hike. It’s about 30 min down hill over the rocks. Once we finally arrived there, we wanted to jump in the ocean so badly but I lost count counting the jelly fish so that says enough haha.. We bought lunch with us so we ate that while we laid there. After exploring, tanning and lunching we headed back. The hike back to our car was pretty rough but it was definitely worth it! Now I’m about to get ready since we’re going into Ibiza town. KISS!


SE SnapAF Snap2

Good morning from Ibiza! Here’s yesterday’s mobile diary. Yesterday morning Sam & I flew to Eivissa. After we arrived, we picked up a rental car, checked in our hotel and went to the harbor to have lunch there. The view was really beautiful! After our lunch we returned back to our hotel, dove into the pool and laid on the tanning beds. The hotel I’m staying at (Ibiza Gran Hotel) is so pretty and relaxing, will show more pictures later. Oh, and in between all of this we visited the dentist because Sams tooth broke. We have been to a dentist or hospital almost every time we’re on holiday, so yesterday morning we were talking/laughing about that & two hours later we were googling a dentist here on the island. Typical haha! Okay not funny but luckily it’s all fixed now. Today we are going to the beach but first it’s time for breakfast. The breakfast here is so good, I can remember it from last year. Gotta go now, I will check in later! Hugs, S.