Pretty Pictures + New Ideas

neeeSunday evenings are meant for Tumblr. I love scrolling through my timeline and getting inspired by pretty pictures, good quotes and interior inspiration. Or cute dogs. Yess I love dogs!!

I just got home after a dinner at my grandma’s house and right now I’m writing a list of stuff that I need to pack. Tomorrow morning I’m going back to Amsterdam and because I have a busy week ahead of me, I need to make sure that I won’t forget certain things! For instance, this weekend I forgot to bring my camera to my moms house?!?! This never happens to me haha.

This week I’ll snap some pictures of my new appartement by the way! I’m thinking about blogging more lifestyle related articles.. Like hotspots in Amsterdam, beauty products reviews, or whenever I buy new clothes, a ‘New In’ article, etc. etc. Any ideas? Tell me! :)

Latest looks

stephsajan4 ** Some of my latest looks! Do you have a favorite? **

Hi from my bed! I woke up super early today because Sams alarm went off at 4:45. He flew to Barcelona early in the morning for his brothers barchelors party. (no I’m not jealous at all) (where can I sign up for a bachelor party in Barca?!?). I had an appointment at the dentist at 8 AM in Arnhem, so even though I wanted to sleep a little longer, I was constantly thinking about how many minutes of sleep I had left. It went from one hour, to 45 min, to 30 min and then I was like nahh I give up, I will stay awake then haha.
After my dentist appointment I met with with my sister, mom and nephew. It was nice to have some family quality time again! Tomorrow my brother will come to my moms house as well and we’ll do something fun with the kids! Maybe we’ll visit the zoo or a big playground or something. I’d better get a good night sleep, otherwise I will be a grumpy auntie tomorrow HAHA! Kidding. Hope you’ll have a nice weekend! Kiss

e111StephsaJan stephsajan2 Stephsa quay3

Outfit + Blog Schedule


Is it a good idea to wear All Stars on a super cold day? No. Did I wear them anyway? Yes. Did it feel like my feet were going to fall of because of the cold? Hell yes. Haha..

Morning by the way! Don’t worry, I’m wearing my warm fuzzy socks now :)) Lise is here and we’re having breakfast. I was talking to her about my blog etc. and I came to the conclusion to make/share my blog schedule. From now on there will be a new post on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday or Sunday. I would love to blog on a daily basis, but since graduating is taking up a lot of my time, this schedule will do for the upcoming weeks!

After school this afternoon I will go to the All You Need Is Love show. I’ve never been to a tv show, so it’s going to be interesting! Have a great day! X

e111Shoes  – Converse
Faux leather pants – H&M
Bag – Zara (similar)
Cardigan – H&M veeery old (similar)
Coat – Boohoo

My Week In Photos #3

Hey girlies! Hope you all had a great weekend. It’s Monday, so that means it’s time for another My Week In Photos post. Let’s start!boek^ I started my week by buying flowers on the Albert Cuyp market. Sam and I went there together to buy some fresh fruit, but I love roses so I just needed the white/purple ones. Now they’re kind of dead though but I don’t want to throw them away yet haha..
^ On Tuesday I was super busy with school deadlines, so the only picture I took (besides outfit pictures for this post) was while I was buying groceries. These lights caught my eyes!
^ After school on Wednesday, Lise came for a visit and we went to Hutspot to see this band play. I love live music, I could listen to covers etc all the time!
^ Sam and I shot outfit pictures on Thursday, in between the rain and hail. I received some questions about these boots; they’re from Boohoo but unfortunately they don’t sell them anymore. Asos and Zara now have similar ones though!mp8
^ I got the coolest gift from my sister when she came to see my new appartement! She heard me talking about polaroid cameras for a couple of months now so she decided to give me one! *Probably because she was sick of me doubting whether to buy one or not*. She didn’t know which I one liked most, so she let me pick one and I choose the left one. I knooow, it’s huge, but I like the format of the bigger pictures.
pp pd6
^ On Friday afternoon I was busy cleaning the appartement (having your own place means cleaning. And a whole lot of it. Dayum.) But I quickly visited Juice Brothers for a healthy green juice. This one is kind of sweet, even though there’s spinach and celery etc in it.
^ Went out for dinner with Sams family on Friday night. I ate a carpaccio as starter, then a seafood pasta & afterwards the most delicious nutella desert. Yeeees, you read that right, NUTELLA! I now need to find out how they exactly made it. Won’t be a problem trying out different nutella desserts though :))  pl3
^ On Sunday Naz & I visited the Tony Cohen show during Amsterdam Fashion Week. I had a bit of a clothing crisis as you can see on the right picture. When I came home at 12 AM after the show (which was super pretty though!), I was like shiiiit, now I have to clean up this mess and all I want to do is sleep. Haha! I’m now going to cook dinner – Sam is feeling a bit sick so I hope my cooking skills won’t make him any sicker ;p Talk to you soon! Xxx

The Gray Stairs


When I’m on the run, this is the sort of outfit I’ll throw on. I absolutely love this coat and it perfectly matches with my fringe booties. My alarm went off at 7.30 yesterday and I left the house one hour later so there’s your answer regarding the messiest ponytail ever. :))

I had a pretty nice Thursday though. After school, my sister, her hubby and my nephew came on a visit and they bought me the coolest gift. A polaroid camera! Ahh that’s the best gift! Will show you what it looks like in my next diary. Lise came over for dinner later and we watched Bridge of Spies. At first we were like whaaat is this? Why aren’t they talking yet? Where’s the action?!? But 10 min later we were totally into it. Now I have to run some errands. Have a nice weekend!! X


Coat – Zara last year (similar here)
Bag – My Paper Bag
Boots – Boohoo
Destroyed jeans – here
Jumper – Primark (similar)

City strollin’

pink5 pink6
To balance out all of the lifestyle related posts lately, here’s an outfit post. Yesterday I wore light jeans, a matching light blue jumper and a long gray coat. I added my pink pom pom key chain to my bag to create a bit more color. By the way, I had no idea – till this morning  – that that little pink fluffy ball is called a pom pom haha. Makes sense though.

I’m having breakfast right now and I’m preparing my presentation for today. I have to present a new Bershka collection at school (all fiction though, I didn’t become a Bershka designer suddenly). Tonight Lise will come visit me and we’ll have a sleepover. Not sure if it’s going to be an at home Netflix night or if we’ll actually leave the house and do something fun! We’ll see. Have a great day! X

I was wearing (or similar):
G-star Raw jeans
Tom Tailor jumper
ASOS coat
Forever 21 bag
Topshop pom pom
Isabel Marant shoes